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"I like the fact that it unleashed qualities that I did not know existed within me. I appreciated that way it was done: professionally, yet interesting while targeting the individual as a person to build his own self esteem.”

Stacy Cayonne, Personal Development Officer, Ministry of Local Government

“I liked the facilitator's special ability to lay out the various aspects of the course and making it enjoyable ,interesting and knowledgeable. Learning about the kinds of stress- related patterns and the exercises that made me feel good, brought me to a place of self- acceptance. I enjoyed how to deal with stress by reframing my mind when certain situations arise. The workshop was wonderful.”

G. A Singh, Programme Assistant, Unemployment Relief Programme

“I plan to use more enthusiasm and vision in my leadership style. I liked the gender roles because it relates with everything that is going on. I enjoyed teaming with a partner to discuss issues of both the male and the female and making our report."

Camilla M. Gopee Entrepreneur and PDO

"I particularly liked the laying down of the ground rules, which made the atmosphere more relaxed and each one was not afraid to voice their opinion. I loved the teamwork and how you can say what you mean."

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LPI Life Skills News:

Report of Life Skills and Literacy Research Symposium

Read the Report of our 2013 Life Skills And Literacy Research Symposium here.


LPI Life Skills Director

  Ceronne Prevatt has a passion for training from the first group of dolls she 'taught' at the age of four. Since then she has been a Curriculum Coordinator and a Life Skills Adviser in the Ministry of Education and in the Ministry of Science, Technology and Tertiary Education respectively, in Trinidad and Tobago. She is a Consultant in Life Skills Train the Trainer programmes. She conducts pre-service and in-service training for Life Skills Facilitators in training and work experience programmes and staff development. She also facilitates international Life Skills training workshops for various Ministries, organizations, community and non-profit groups. She has conducted workshops in London, United Kingdom; Kingston, Jamaica; Kumasi, Ghana; Scarborough, Tobago; Roseau, Dominica and St. George's, Grenada.


LPI Life Skills Training

The United Nations Inter-Agency Meeting in April 1998 generated a broad definition of Life Skills education:

"Life skills education is designed to facilitate the practice and reinforcement of psychosocial skills in a culturally and developmentally appropriate way; it contributes to the promotion of personal and social development, in the prevention of health and social problems, and the protection of human rights."

LPI Life Skills provides a knowledge base and practical suggestions for translating this knowledge base into psychosocial, societal, occupational and livelihood skills. These skills are built on the LPI principles of self-awareness, well-being, communication, relationship skills, community building, leading for positive change and capacity building.

The workbook is divided into modules and each module has information and a range of activities for the teenager and the adult to peruse and enjoy. Through interactive tasks, games, dialogue, reflections, creative challenges, the Life Skills concepts are internalized and the skills of self awareness and monitoring, social skills of communication and negotiation, and cognitive skills of critical thinking, creative thinking, problem solving and decision making practised.

I) Self-Awareness

  · Systemic Chatter
  · Self Esteem and Self Direction
  · Exploring Values
  · Assertiveness

II) Well-Being


· Wellness and Self Care:
  · Nutrition
  · Fitness
  · Stress Management
  · Drug education

I) Communication

  · Process, Forms and Barriers
  · Acknowledging assumptions and perspectives
  · The Gift of Affective Listening
  · Exploring Emotions: Anger, Envy
  · Exploring Conflict and Healing Dynamics

II) Relationship Skills acknowledging power dynamics

  · Parenting
  · Gender and Relationships
  · Human Sexuality and Sexual Health
  · Relationships in the Workplace


  · Valuing your Ancestry
  · Citizenship - Maintaining Collaborative and Supportive Interpersonal Relationships in the Community
  · Creating awareness of community issues for change
  · Leadership

I) Personal Participation and Transformation

  · Public Speaking
  · Public Relations
  Building the Future
  · Goal Setting
  · Time Management
  Financial Life Skills
  · Money Management
  · Saving and Investment
  · Entrepreneurship
  Employability Skills
  · Job Search
  · Ethics in the Workplace
  · Managing the Environment

II) Social Transformation

  · Living the ethical life within power relations
  · Social Justice in times of change (physical, economic)
  · Collective Action for Change
Customized training and consultation is available on an international level.

Service Delivery
Please contact us to discuss fees.

LPI Life Skills Institutes provide Train the Trainer workshops for community persons interested in becoming Life Skills facilitators

LPI Life Skills Institutes provide open workshops for the community.
See upcoming events for specific dates and times


On-site courses and sessions provide customized training to reflect the specific needs and strengths of your organisation


Individual and Group Coaching
LPI Life Skills coaching supports you in using Life Skills for your personal, social and vocational empowerment.


Consultation to agencies, organizations and institutions
Consultations can be used to implement and sustain training sessions and to receive on-going direction and support.

Tutorials for up to 4 participants


I would like to thank you for playing a strong role in the team leaders’ orientation. You created a balance in getting the job done without making the others feel “trampled”. Helped by this, this group of team leaders is ahead of previous groups and very well placed to get much more done during the boot camp – and setting a great example for future sessions. Please keep up the strong support and leadership both online and in the boot camp. It looks like this one is going to establish another new standard.

Paul West

Director of Knowledge, Management and Information Technology, Commonwealth of Learning, Virtual University for Small States of the Commonwealth

Team leaders: Ceronne, Kavena, Ava, Andrea and Ravhee with President and CEO of the Commonwealth and Paul West, Director of Knowledge, Management and Information Technology, Commonwealth of Learning, Virtual University for Small States of the Commonwealth


Life Skills Training A Critical Reflective Approach
ISBN 978-976-8223-09-8

The 'Life Skills Training A Critical Reflective Approach' by Dianne Hyles and Ceronne Prevatt is out and is available at the University of West Indies Bookshop, St. Augustine Campus and bookstores throughout the Caribbean and from Hotel Normandie Paper Based Book Store in Port of Spain.

"When I was reviewing this 'Life Skills Training A Critical Reflective Approach', my mother who is a teacher, asked if she could borrow it. This book would be enjoyed by all ages. It is packed with thought-provoking activities and a wide selection of resources – readings and games to engage you as you are guided to go deep and make decisions in your own life."

Tonia Robinson
Part-time Life Skills Coordinator
College of Science, Technology and Applied Arts (COSTATT)


"The authors of this book are specialists and pioneers in this field of Life Skills. This compilation brings together the best of Toronto and the best of Trinidad and Tobago in terms of its clearly articulated life skills concepts that make the themes that touch our lives come alive. This book is what every Life Skills student in post school and tertiary education and every Health and Family Life student in secondary school needs. Through it, you come to grips with what is deep and meaningful in your life and develop the skills that bring balance, peace and harmony."

Oliver Olson
Curriculum Specialist and Part-time Life Skills Tutor,
University of Trinidad and Tobago

"I am very grateful for this book. It does not change you over night, but it changes your trend of thought. Too many times we speak about being the best: we hear it on the television, in songs, so we know what should be, but how do we achieve this? This workbook has the answer and it should be used by persons in every institution, from school to university. Time to make change and I believe this is the answer."

Melissa Pierre
20 years old, Apprentice


'Life Skills Training A Critical Reflective Approach' available at:

Toronto Women's Bookstore
73 Harbord St.
Toronto, Ontario
M5S 1G4 Canada

University of the West Indies (UWI) Book Shop
UWI St. Augustine Campus
St. Augustine 6625837

Hotel Normandie Paper Based Book Store
10 Nook Avenue,
St. Ann's Port of Spain
Trinidad and Tobago
Tel: 868 625 3197


Now available for orders online:


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