“I learned how to put social action principles into practice. I also figured out how I as an individual can create change. The 7E's clearly shows how we can be agents of change.”

Social work student, Toronto

“I can see how using these concepts will be effective when working with service users to provide hope (the power of which shouldn't be undervalued) in a society that can be unfair. ”

Social work student, Toronto

“The 7E's is something that I will hold onto for life. It is an easy and handy way for me to deal with life situations. I now know how to work to empower me, and the people I will be working with in the field.

Social work student, Toronto




The content of the LPI Training Curriculum is reflected in 6 modules:

Modules 1 and 2 provide the core conceptual frameworks of Transformative Communication. Modules 3-6 explore these frameworks within various contexts: individual, family, organization, and community. Modules can be customized for specific training sessions. Sessions can be tailored to reflect the needs and settings of the participants. The training includes a presentation of frameworks and a facilitation of knowledge-making among participants. Video clips and a light show are integrated throughout the modules.

People don't get along because they fear each other.
People fear each other because they don't know each other. They don't know each other because they have not properly communicated with each other.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Transformative Communication:

Transformative Communication occurs when recognition and mutuality are fully present. It is a way of being in conversation that truly honors and recognizes the dignity of another, facilitating personal liberation and structural transformation.

1. Transformative Communication: relating across differences
This module offers an in depth understanding of the LPI approach Transformative Communication. Participants are invited into a new view of communication that includes the systemic. Participants learn innovative concepts and practices for building understanding and respect across inter-personal, cultural and socio-political differences. These concepts and practices can be customized for relationship building within diverse roles and settings, and for creating action plans. This is a core conceptual framework reflected throughout the other modules.

2. The 7 E's of Liberation: Creating Change
This module offers an in depth understanding of the LPI approach Transformative Communication. Participants are invited into a new view of change that is holistic. It offers concepts and practices for change processes on personal, interpersonal and systemic levels - facilitating insight that liberates, communication that generates and action that transforms. The 7E's of Liberation is a viable framework for experiencing and creating change within individuals, groups, communities and organizations. These concepts and practices can be customized for all change initiatives, including on a personal level for one's own empowerment and emancipation journey. This is a core conceptual framework reflected throughout the other modules.

3. Staying Fit: preventing burnout and maintaining possibility
This module examines the notion of self-love and offers a practice framework that views self-care as a social act. Participants will have the opportunity to view fitness, not only for the benefit of oneself, but also in contribution to community wellness. Personal and systemic scripts that may impact self-love and prevent action needed to sustain a healthy and effective lifestyle are explored. Tips to prevent burnout and to reduce stress are shared. Holistic structures and strategies that can facilitate vitality, actualize possibility and sustain hope are provided.

4. Diverse Families: enhancing empowerment and engagement
This module utilizes a practice framework that facilitates insight into personal and cultural attunement, as well as into systemic impact and transformation. Participants are guided through an inquiry into scripts and strategies of families and its members within various contexts. A strength-based approach is offered and action plans for enhancing communication, reconciliation, and resiliency are explored. This framework can be used directly with families. It can also be used as an evaluative tool to examine effective service delivery with families in diverse settings.

5. Transforming Organizations: creating workplace wellness
This module looks at creating an organization that is fair and inspiring for all levels of management and staff. Participants learn strategies to address barriers that prevent workplace wellbeing and productivity. Team building and staff relations are addressed. Agency policy and practices are reviewed and insight into power relations and creating workplace wellness is offered. An 8-step practice framework for addressing diversity and equity in the workplace is provided.

6. Social Action: sustaining leadership and participation in community groups
This module focuses on building effective community groups for change. Various components of community organizing and activism are examined. Participants learn how to navigate group dynamics and to see breakdowns as opportunities. Participants are provided with a practice framework for effective planning and leadership for sustainable outcomes. Issues of attracting members of marginalized communities, sustainability, inclusion practices, and differences among work and leadership styles, are addressed.

Service Delivery
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LPI Institutes provide open workshops for the community

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On site sessions: provide customized training to reflect the specific needs and strengths of your organization.

Pre-conference meeting to determine session content and time is included.


Individual and Group Coaching:
LPI coaching supports you in using LPI frameworks for your practice and personal empowerment.


Consultation to agencies and organizations: Consultation can also be used to implement and sustain training sessions and to receive on going direction and support.


Community empowerment groups; and life skills development for youth and young adults

Tutorials up to 3 participants
Train the Trainer sessions (including university educators) are available.


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