“Everyone in the human services should experience this training. It speaks to the fundamental skills of listening and communicating within different backgrounds, social locations and identities.”

Dr. Akua Benjamin
Director, School of Social Work, Ryerson University

“Thought-provoking with insights into profound concepts. Provides an opportunity to explore our shared vision as well as concrete problems and strategic planning. Got a good structure to use in the workplace.”

Justine King
Kemet, England

"LPI training is a great gift for the business world in our diverse times. To share in a training program that allows us to listen and express with heart, bridging across differences in management and team, in service delivery and morale, is a long-awaited opportunity."

Carrol Suzuki
The Business of Listening





























Individuals, communities, organizations, educators and service providers being supported in their progressive change initiatives; coming together globally to
generate an international conversation for personal liberation and
structural transformation.

To provide training and coaching to individuals, families, organizations, schools, service providers and communities, to build effective communication and change initiatives that integrate principles of empowerment, diversity, equity and
social justice.

LPI Training
LPI Training is informed by the LPI approach Transformative Communication. This approach encompasses conceptual frameworks for generating liberatory practice. Through experiential learning, reflection, and collaborative dialogue, participants share wisdom and develop action plans. Participants also gain tools and insight for personal growth, service delivery, and social action.

LPI supports individuals, families, organizations, educators and communities in:

L iving their possibilities
I nitiating community/ organizational leadership and transformation
B uilding communication, connection and collective consciousness
E nergizing; navigating barriers and transitions
R elating and working across differences; creating team and community
A sset mobilizing, creativity and personal productivity
T ransformative healing, resiliency, vitality and self-love
E nsuring access, opportunity and resources

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